• Must-have, high-quality fetch toy that gives your dog giant cartoon lips when he has the ball in his mouth!


    Kiss your other toys goodbye! Remember those wacky wax lips you used to play with as a kid? Now, Fifi can get in on the fun…except this kisser is a cherry-scented (yum!) rubber fetch toy. It’s a ball on one end and gigantic luscious lips on the other. When your pooch picks up the ball in a game of fetch, your “Angelina Jolie wannabe” can now be as pouty and pursed as her celebrity crush! Woof!


    Made of solid, non-toxic, natural rubber; ball is hollow with hole in back.



    SAFETY INFORMATION:  This is a fetch toy ONLY, NOT a chew toy. Please do not let your dog sit and chew on this toy.  It’s an interactive toy for owner and dog to play fetch. Your dog must be supervised at all times while playing with this toy.  Examine it frequently for wear and replace when appropriate.  

    US Utility Patent #7,100,539

    Humunga Lips


      Size Comparison
      Mini 1.25" (about the size of a ping pong ball)
      Junior 2" (between ping pong ball and tennis ball)
      Large 2.25" (just a tad smaller than a tennis ball)
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