Your pooch will be posin’ for the puparazzi with these blinged-out choppers! Gold “grillz” and “diamonds” adorn the circumference of this natural, durable rubber ball. It’s reversible so your pup can chill like a DAWG or roll like a ROCK STAR.  Inquiring minds will want to know, “Who’s that pooch?!?”, and you might even get mobbed for an autograph or selfie!


Humunga Bling just won “BEST NEW DOG PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” at Global Pet Expo 2016!


Made of non-toxic materials; ball is hollow with a hole on the top and bottom.



SAFETY INFORMATION:  This is a fetch toy ONLY, NOT a chew toy. Please do not let your dog sit and chew on this toy.  It’s an interactive toy for owner and dog to play fetch. Your dog must be supervised at all times while playing with this toy.  Examine it frequently for wear and replace when appropriate.  

US Utility Patent #7,100,539

Humunga Bling

  • Mini - best for dogs from 10-25lbs

    Med/Lrg - best for dogs 25lbs+

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