Who are we? 

Cousins, Brooke Van Doren and Vanessa Leighton started Bat Pig Dog on a whim. Brooke had recently surprised her husband with a Frenchie puppy (we know, she's the best wifey ever, right!?). New to the Frenchie world, Brooke had no idea that Bat Pig Dog was a nick name for the adorable breed. So when Vanessa told her that she loved her new "Bat Pig Dog," Brooke could all but contain herself.  And pretty much immediately, this pet supply and apparel store was born.

Fun, silly, strange and a little over the top, Brooke and Vanessa intend the Bat Pig Dog brand to showcase the unique nature of these amazing pups. It is their sincere hope that you enjoy their products - awesome swag for the bat pig dog in your life! 

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